3-port Firewire PCI adapter


  • Product Status: End of Life
  • 3 IEEE 1394 compliant ports
  • Data transfer rate: up to 400Mbps per port
  • Video editing software included
  • Work great with digital camcorders

The DFW-500 Firewire PCI card adds 3 IEEE 1394 ports to your Mac or PC. Simply plug this card into a PCI expansion slot inside your computer, and you'll have 3 external FireWire ports. The 1394 ports give you transmission of up to 400Mbps, making this an all high-speed add-on card for your computer.

Industry Standard

With 3 built-in ports supporting IEEE 1394 standards on a single card, the DFW-500 gives you an efficient way to transfer digital information from your computer. You can transfer large data and real-time multimedia files from your devices and digital equipment to your computer.

3 FireWire Ports for 400Mbps Transmission

The card gives you three external 1394 ports each supporting transmission speeds of up to 400Mbps per port. These ports can be used to connect to devices like video cameras and external hard disks.

Software Included

The DFW-500 card comes with video editing software that allows you to edit video footages, include titles or even add a music soundtrack to your home videos.

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  • IEEE 1394 - 1995
  • Compatible with 1394A
  • Host Interface: PCI v2.2
  • Number of Ports: 3 ports
  • Connectivity Rule: Up to 63 devices
This product was phased out on: 29/11/2011
This product's last date of support is on: 28/11/2013
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