How do I setup my ADSL Ethernet modem for Internet access?

Step 1. Open up a web browser and type in the IP address of the DSL-300T (default is Press Enter.

Step 2. Enter the Login name and password (default is admin/admin). Click on Login.

Step 3. Click on the Setup tab at the top. Click on Connection on the left.

Step 4. Configure the following for your connection:

  • Type - Set the connection Type to PPPoA (as used in the UK)
  • Name - Type in the name for the connection
  • Encapsulation - set the encapsulation as recommended by your ISP
  • Username - Type in the ISP login username
  • Password - Type in the login password
  • Keep alive - leave default
  • MAX Fail - leave default
  • MTU - leave default
  • MRU - leave default
  • Set Route - enable set route(default)
  • VPI - set to ISP recommended settings (i.e. 0)(UK ADSL commonly uses VPI=0 and VCI=38)
  • VCI - set to ISP recommended settings (i.e.38) (UK ADSL commonly uses VPI=0 and VCI=38)
  • QoS - leave default
  • PCR - leave default
  • SCR - leave default

Click on Apply when done.

Step 5. Click on the Status tab at the top and then click on Connection Status on the left side. The Connection information can be seen in the WAN section of the page.  Once connected, your machine will now get the IP address from the ISP.

Step 6. Click on Tools at the top. Click on System Commands on the left. Click on Save All to permanently save the changes.

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