How to set up a Nanny Cam system

How to set up a Nanny Cam system

Leaving your child with a sitter can be a daunting prospect. A nanny cam is an affordable way to gain peace of mind while you’re away from your children. The network camera gives you a fun and easy avenue to keep one eye on them no matter where you are. Here’s how to set up a system in your own home.

1. Install cameras
First, decide on the camera that is right for you: the mydlink™-enabled Wireless N Network Camera, the DCS-930L, its day/night counterpart the DCS-932L, which provides infrared illumination for night vision up to 5 meters. Next, determine where to place your cameras. Both models feature a sturdy base that lets you set the camera on any flat surface, whether it’s a shelf or the top of a bookcase. Or, if you prefer, you can mount it to a wall or ceiling.

Since you’re watching your kids, you’ll want to place cameras wherever the children tend to spend most of their time: living areas, the kitchen, and bedrooms. If you can aim the camera to watch entrances and exits to the home — doors and accessible windows — all the better. The DCS-930L and DCS-932L cameras are wireless, so there’s no need to worry about cabling aside from access to a power outlet. Both cameras use 802.11n protocol for wireless networks, which has a much greater range than that of the previous 802.11 g version. One account can support up to 32 cameras, so you’ll be able to cover the entire house if necessary.

2. Add the cameras to a network 
Your existing wireless network can probably support D-Link® wireless cameras. (If you don’t have one, the D-Link DIR-645 makes for an excellent router to handle the wireless traffic.) All you need to do is add each camera to your network by following the steps provided by the included Camera Installation Wizard. It’s really simple and only takes minutes.

3. View the video stream 
Once the cameras are on the network, you can access a live view via an iPhone or Android device with the free mydlink app. Or, if you’re at a computer, the Portal is always available via any web browser, giving instant access to your camera feeds. For more advanced needs, the free included D-ViewCam® software can help you set up notifications (such as an alert when a camera detects motion) and a recording schedule.

4. Tell your nanny 
The video recording of people (like your nanny) may require official notification in many locations. Check your local and state laws for details. Getting started with a nanny cam is remarkably simple and can dramatically improve your peace of mind. D-Link makes installing a wireless camera system easy and inexpensive.