802.11g Wireless LAN PCI Card


  • Product Status (Revision B): End of Life

The D-Link AirPlus XtremeG DWL-G520 Wireless PCI card is an enhanced 802.11g high-performance, wireless card for desktop computers. This card supports high-speed wireless networking of up to 108Mbps, while providing seamless interoperability with all existing 802.11b and 802.11b+ wireless equipment. Together with better security, this card is the ideal wireless solution that offers an upgrade to a fast, new technology while protecting your past investments through interoperability with your current network equipment.

Up to 108Mbps Transmission Speed

Unlike most wireless cards, the DWL-G520 provides speeds of up to 108Mbps when used with other D-Link AirPlus XtremeG and other 802.11g products. This compares favorably with 802.11b adapters that offer 11Mbps maximum speed

This enhanced speed and adoption of 2.4GHz frequency, available for public use in most countries, plus the mobility and convenience inherent in a wireless LAN, make this card an ideal solution for bandwidth intensive WLAN applications.

Compatible With 802.11b

Like the 802.11b adapters, the DWL-G520 uses a single 2.4GHz wireless frequency, eliminating the complexity of dualband networking. 802.11g's compatibility with existing wireless LAN standards means that you do not need to change your entire network to maintain connectivity. 

Wi-Fi Protected Access

Wi-Fi Protected Access is provided to authorize and identify users based on a secret key that changes automatically at a regular interval.Used in conjunction with a RADIUS server, WPA uses TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol) to change the temporal key every 10,000 packets. This insures much greater security than the standard WEP security, which requires the keys to be changed manually.

802.1x Authentication Compatible

The DWL-G520 supports 802.1x authentication for protection against network intrusion. Used in conjunction with a RADIUS server, this function provides a means to verify the identity of the client before an access to the network is granted.

Pre-Shared Key

This function brings a lot of convenience (when used in conjunction with other 802.11g products) for users that do not incorporate a RADIUS server in their networks. Utilizing the Pre Shared Key mode of WPA, the DWL-G520 will obtain a new security key every time it connects to the 802.11g network. You only need to input your encryption information once in the configuration menu.With the DWL-G520, you will automatically receive a new key every time you connect, doing away with the inconvenience of manual WEP key input.

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  • Industriestandaard 802.11g
  • Maakt gebruik van de populaire 2,4 GHz frequentieband
  • Tot 108 Mbps datatransmissiesnelheid, 10 keer sneller dan 802.11b
  • Sterke beveiliging middels 64/128-bits WEP-datacodering
  • Compatibel met de bestaande 802.11b, 802.11b+ draadloze apparaten
  • Geavanceerde beveiliging met WPA, authenticatie volgens 802.1x, TKIP en ondersteuning middels de functie Pre-Shared Key
  • Krachtige, ingebouwde antenne met een reikwijdte van 100 meter binnen en 400 meter buiten*
  • Eenvoudige configuratie, plug-and-play installatie
  • Draait op Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP
This product was phased out on: 27/10/2013
This product's last date of support is on: 27/10/2015

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