DWL Series

High-performance Enterprise Access Points

The D-Link DWL series allows multiple access points to be configured and managed from a hardware-based controller.

The solution for Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi

Dedicated hardware for the resiliency and performance that enterprise wireless networks require. It allows all APs to be managed centrally and is ideal for scalable networks where uptime is critical.

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DWL sērijas pārvaldības opcijas

Atlasiet pārvaldības opciju, kas atbilst jūsu prasībām, lai uzzinātu vairāk.

Pieprasītākās preces


Bezvadu AC2600 Wave 2 divjoslu vienotās piekļuves punkts

Paredzēts vidēja un liela mēroga Wi-Fi tīkliem, nodrošinot lielu Wave 2 bezvadu ātrumu.


Wireless AC1200 Dual‑Band Outdoor Unified Access Point

For deployment in business and campus environments. Highly manageable and capable of blazing speeds.


Wireless AC1200 Dual‑Band Unified Access Point

Provides unparalleled bandwidth enabling businesses of all sizes to create the fastest wireless network possible. Featuring the latest 802.11ac technology on its 5 GHz band.

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