Industrial Switches for

Universal outdoor wireless

From city-wide access to tailored experiences, wireless coverage needs to be universal – providing seamless connectivity in outdoor locations across every town and city. Whatever size of city-wide Wi-Fi network you’re planning for, ensure it runs smoothly with our range of Industrial Ethernet switches. Unify your networks and live data streams into one secure, reliable network to bring the benefits of a smart environment together, complete with real-time communication and monitoring.

Bezmaksas lejupielāde

Lejupielādējiet mūsu universālā Wi-Fi industriālā Ethernet satura pakotni, kurā ietilpst:

  • universāla āra Wi-Fi infografikas;
  • viedākas vides izveides ceļvedis;
  • industriālā Ethernet tehniskā dokumentācija.

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