How do I set up scheduled recording in D-ViewCam?

Step 1: Launch D-ViewCam and click the Schedule Configuration icon.

Step 2: Select the camera(s) you want to apply the recording schedule to, then create a schedule and click the Configure icon.

Step 3: Under Mode, ensure Always Record is selected.

Step 4: Under the Time section, specify the time when you want the recording to occur and click OK. You can also determine how many seconds you wish Pre-record and Post-record for when motion is detected.

Note: If you want to record audio, be sure to check the Record Audio box under the audio section.

Click OK to close the Encoding Options and click OK again to close Schedule Configuration.

Step 5: Click the Start Menu icon and click Start Recording Schedule.

Note: A red circle will appear in the top right corner of each camera with recording configured. This indicates that it is recording.

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