How do I change the IP address on my DWL-2000AP?

To change or obtain an IP address automatically for the DWL-2000APfollow the steps below:

Step 1 Log into the web based configuration bytyping in the IP address of the DWL-2000AP(default: in your web browser. Theusername is admin (all lowercase) and the passwordis blank (nothing).

Step 2 Click on the Home tab andthen click LAN.

Step 3 Select the radio button for DynamicIP Address if you want the access point to receive an IPaddress automatically from a DHCP server or router, otherwisechange the IP address manually.

We strongly suggest using a static IP address. The IP address isnot used for networking, only for configuration.

Step 4 Click the Apply button andclick Continue to restart the DWL-2000AP.

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