What is a Combo Port on an Ethernet Switch?


A Gigabit Ethernet Combo port is an Ethernet port and aMini-GBIC port (also called SFP´s) that share the same switchfabric and port number. A Combo port is a way to provide differenttypes of connectivity without taking up unused switch fabric. TheseCombo ports can also be labeled as tied, meaning twodifferent physical ports that can only be used one at a time. AGigabit Ethernet Combo port consists of one 1000Base-T Gigabit overCopper port (provided), and one Mini-GBIC port (empty port thatrequires Mini-GBIC module).

Note: If a Mini-GBIC port is being used, then thecorresponding 1000BASE-T copper port is automatically disabled andvice versa.


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