What can I do if I forgot my password of DI-701?


If you are not allowed access to the DI-701 management pages,you may be using the wrong password. To regain access, you canreset the router using its console port and HyperTerminal(for Windows).  Reset clears settings to factory defauls,including IP address and login password. Below is the step by stepprocedure.

Step 1. Power OFF the DI-701

Step 2. Connect a serial cable (RS-232), to theconsole port on the back of your router.

Step 3. On your computer, go to Start >Program > Accessories > Communications >HyperTerminal.

Step 4. Name the new connectionappropriately.

Step 5. In the Connect Todialog box, select the COM port that connects to your DI-701.

Step 6. When the dialog box shown in Figure 10appears, set the Bits per second rate at38400, and Flow control atNone. Click OK to complete thesetting.

Step 7. Power up the DI-701.

Step 8. You will see text appearing on thescreen, it is called the "boot up sequence"

Step 9. Press thekey <Esc> then the boot upsequence starts

Then type "-p" and then "-g" to reset the BIOS

You can then reboot the unit and login using the factory defaultpasswords.

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