How do I enable Encryption on the DI-614 wireless router?

It is recommended to enable encryption on your wireless routerbefore your wireless network adapters. Please establish wirelessconnectivity before enabling encryption.

Note: Your network will slow down and wirelesssignal may degrade when enabling encryption due to the addedoverhead.

Step 1 Log into the web configuration of theDI-614 by opening up a web browser and typing in the IP address ofthe router (

Step 2 The default username isadmin (all lower case), and the password is blank(nothing). Click OK . Select theHome tab and click the Wirelessbutton on the left hand side of the screen.

Step 3 Select enable next to theWEP radio buttons. For WEP encryption select 64,128, or 256-bit encryption. For the Key typeselect HEX.

Step 4 Select key 1. This will be a randomencryption key you make up. The length of the encryption key willdepend on what you selected under WEP Encryption.

·  64-bit encryption 10 characters

·  128-bit encryption 26 characters

·  256-bit encryption 52 characters

The encryption key is HEX, meaning 0-9 andA-F are valid characters.

Step 5 Click on the Apply buttonthen click on the Continue button to save yoursettings.

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