How do I make my modem autoanswer?

If the software that you are using with the modem does not have theability to set the modem to autoanswer you will need to configurethe modem manually. You will have to use Hyperterminal to enter thecommand into the modem's memory.

(if you do not have Hyperterminal installed please add it bygoing to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Windows Setup> Communications > Details...)

Have the modem connected to your computer and ensure that it isworking fine. Go to:

Start > Programs > Accessories > [Communications] >Hyperterminal .... Hyperterm.exe > name the connection "modem"> Connect Using... Select COM3 or COM4 (on whichever port themodem was assigned to) > Bits per second 9600 > OK.

After that try typing ATZ command and press ENTER (you may notsee what you are typing). The response from the modem should beOK.

Apply the following command:


Now write the new settings into the modem's memory by typing thefollowing command and pressing Enter:


The response should be "OK"

The modem will now be set to auto-answer after 3 rings.

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