How do I access the DMC-1002 to monitor and maintain it?

To monitor and maintain your media converter modules, using theDMC-1002, there are two ways of connecting: ethernet(RJ-45) or serial connection (RS-232)

Connect by ethernet

Power off the chassis. Use cross-over CAT5/6cable, connect up to your computer. Power onthe chassis and verify that you see power lightlink light on the DMC-1002.

Set a static IP address on your PC, in the same range as yourDMC-1002, which is by default   (eg.

Then open Internet Explorer, and access the address

login using username: root password: root

Connect by serial connection

Power off the chassis. Use a female to femaleRS-232 cable, then connect your computer to the DMC-1002.

Run hyperterminal from a windows based machine (or any SSHclient for other OS). When creating a connection, choose Data Rate9600, 8bit, 1 etc.

Transfer files

To transfer files (eg. new firmware )between computer andDMC-1002, you will need to run a TFTP software on yourcomputer. 

You may download the software from D-Link, compatible withWindows.


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