How do I configure my DWL-700AP to Wireless client mode?

AP Client or Wireless Client mode allows the DWL-700AP to becomea wireless client to another AP or wireless router. Wirelessadapters (clients) will not communicate with access points in APClient or Wireless Client mode.

Log into the Access Point or Wireless Router that the DWL-700APwill be a wireless client to and obtain the LAN orEthernet MAC Address.

Step 1 Use an Ethernet cable connect the DWL-700APto your PC.

Step 2 Your computer will need to be in the sameIP address range of the DWL-700AP for configuration. The default IPaddress of the DWL-700AP is

Step 3 To begin configuring the DWL-700AP open abrowser and enter in the AP´s default IP address( The username is admin (all lowercase) and the password is blank (nothing).

Step 4 Click on the Advanced taband then click the Mode button. Select theWireless Client radio button.

Step 5 Click on the Site Surveybutton and select the SSID of the Access Point or Wireless Routerthat the DWL-700AP is going to be client to. Click on theConnect button and then clickClose to establish a connection.

Step 6 Click Apply and then clickContinue to save the changes.

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