How to Recover SOP - DWL-6700AP


Firmware or later 
Note: Recovery procedure only supports after v.
Download from site...

Step 1 – Press and hold reset button

Step 2 – Power on DWL-6700AP by connecting AP to the PoE on power injector

Step 3 – Wait for ALL LEDs to turn on (as below):

Once completed (as Step 3), release the reset button

Step 4 – Connect cable from LAN (on PoE Injector) to PC and configure the LAN card of the PC to:
IP: 192.168.0.x

Step 5
– Open a Web-browser and go to the recovery mode Web-UI (

Step 6 – Use the Web-UI to upload the firmware and wait approximately 60 seconds
Or open cmd.exe and enter:
ping –t  
If it doesn’t respond then it has completed the recovery and go to Step 7

Step 7
– Once the above is completed, configure the LAN card of PC to:

Step 8 – Open a web browser and enter:


Username: admin
Password: admin (default)

You should now have the DWL-6700AP recovered and ready to configure.




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