How do I upgrade the firmware on my DWL-3200AP Access Point?

Note: Upgrading firmware will reset the settings to default whichmeans you will lose all your settings. Also, do NOT upgradefirmware over a wireless connection. You may damage the accesspoint.

Step 1 Download the firmware and save the file toyour computer. Extract the .BIN or .TFP file to a folder where youcan find it. An easy place to find it is your desktop. If youdownload the .bin or .tfp file, you do not have to extractit.

Step 2 If you are connecting the access pointdirectly to your pc you will need a cross-over cable. Connecting toa switch or router you will use a straight through cable.

WARNING: DO NOT upgrade the firmware with a wireless connection.You will damage the access point.

Step 3 Open your browser, enter the IP address ofyour access point ( and click OK.

Step 4 Enter your username (admin) and leave thepassword field blank, which is the default password. Click OK toenter the web configuration for the device.

Step 5 Click on the Tools tab and then theFirmware button on the left side. Click on the Browse button andbrowse to the .bin or .tfp file you extracted in Step1. Highlight the file by clicking on it once and clickOpen. Click Apply. It will take a few seconds for the upgrade tocomplete. Click on the Continue button.

Step 6 After the access point reboots, close yourweb browser and reopen it. Enter to reconnect with theweb configuration. Enter username admin and again leave thepassword blank. Click OK. The firmware upgrade is nowcomplete.

Step 7 If you have problems with the webconfiguration at this point, unplug the power to the access point,wait 10 seconds, and plug back in. Repeat step 6. If this did nothelp, perform a hard reset on the access point. To perform a hardreset, use a paperclip and hold down the reset button on the backof the unit for 10 seconds while the device is powered on. Releaseit and the access point will reboot, the lights will blink, andthen stabilize. Repeat Step 6.

Step 8 You can now reconfigure the access point.

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