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How to setup a local backup by LAN - DNS-320L?

NOTE – Please make sure the latest firmware is installed by checking our site against what you have installed on the DNS-320L.

Step 1 – Access the web GUI of the DNS-320L

Step 2 – Management - System Management > Firmware Upgrade

Local Backup

Step 3 – Go to Applications > Local Backups

Category: LAN Backup

Login Method: Account

Username: Test (Here we have used the login name for remote PC)

Password: (Here you need to put in the password used to login to the PC)


Click on “Test” – If the connection was successful, you will be presented with the following screen

Click on “Close”

Save To: Volume_1/Backup

Recurring Backup:           14: 00



Incremental Backup: Enable (Optional)

Click on “Save Settings”

Step 3 –
Click on “Start/Stop” to proceed with backup. You should get a message in the “Comment” column with “Success”

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