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mydlink Home App Support Anouncement


 Important Steps Needed to Prepare for the Installation of the new App


Please review the following prior to downloading the new app from the iTunes or Google Play app stores:

To update the app and firmware on your devices, please follow the steps below:

Step 1:  Take Screen Shots of Existing Device Schedules and Actions

Because this update gives you more scheduling and trigger based actions, it needs to refresh your account’s settings, schedules and actions. Your current schedules, triggers, actions and rules will be deleted once you update to the new app.  Prior to updating to the new app version, we recommend taking screenshots of your current Schedules and Actions to re-create them, if you choose to, on the updated app.

Step 2:  Perform Update While Connected to the Same Network as the mydlink Home Devices (Local Network connectivity REQUIRED)

The features and enhancements mentioned previously require updates to both the mobile app and firmware on each device. The best way to update all devices without issue is to make sure your mobile device (with the app) is on the same network as your mydlink Home devices. Once you download and open the new mydlink Home app, it will show your devices as greyed out. The app will push the new firmware as you individually click on each device. Once this is complete your mydlink Home devices and app will be updated to the latest features and enhancements.


 A few things to Know about the new App

 Keep the following in mind prior to updating your app

1:  The new v3.0.0 App requires firmware to be updated on all your devices.

This process is automatically checked and initiated by the new App, but REQUIRES local network connectivity. If your devices are away from your current network location, firmware update will not be possible until all devices are in the same network.

2:  Each device must have it's firmware updated to enjoy the enhancements on the new App

If a device is disconnected  or is not yet installed, the app will not be able to discover it and no firmware update process can take effect. Once this is complete your mydlink Home devices and app will be updated to the latest features and enhancements.