D-Link unveils new Video Surveillance-Enhanced Gigabit PoE Smart Switch Series

The DSS-200G Series Gigabit PoE Smart Surveillance Switches are ideal for businesses of all sizes looking to bolster IP video surveillance setups

22 září, 2023

(DSS-200G-10MP, DSS-200G-10MPP, DSS-200G-28MP, DSS-200G-28MPP)

D-Link, a global leader in networking and connectivity technologies, has announced the launch of the DSS-200G Series Gigabit Smart Surveillance Switches. The DSS-200G series switches come with surveillance-enhanced features designed to meet the surveillance requirements for businesses of all sizes, including monitoring, management, and troubleshooting tools, making surveillance network management easier and quicker than ever.

The new surveillance-enhanced 10/28-port smart-managed switches offer comprehensive surveillance features with optimised traffic handling, PoE support, easy configuration, troubleshooting tools and simplified deployment. They also come equipped with an intuitive web interface and layer 2 network management features, making it easy to add management capabilities to business networks without complicated setups. The optional Surveillance Mode automatically detects D-Link and third-party IP cameras and NVRs, giving real-time access to device and system information such as PoE power usage and budget, bandwidth utilisation and device status. Auto Surveillance VLAN feature separates surveillance devices’ traffic from the rest of the network, ensuring data security and prioritising surveillance traffic.

Additionally, the series utilises a DIP switch that allows users to quickly and easily turn functions such as QoS on and off, extending PoE connection up to 250m, isolating ports, enabling PD-Alive and spanning tree protocol without the need to access the device’s web configuration. As a result, businesses looking to expand their network, install IP cameras up to 250 metres away, and save costs when deploying devices such as wireless access points, network cameras or IP phones stand to benefit the most from the hardware.

The DSS-200G Series switches have high PoE power budgets with up to 90W PoE++ support - ideal for powering and connecting demanding devices such as video conferencing systems and displays, making them ideal for businesses looking to deploy a future-proof network. They also come equipped with 6kV surge protection against sudden electrical surges caused by lightning or unstable electrical currents.

“At D-Link, we understand that security and surveillance are crucial for all businesses, regardless of their scale and size,” said Claude Chou, President of D-Link Europe. “The DSS-200G series is ideal for businesses looking to empower surveillance setups with an easy-to-use, cost-effective and reliable switch, which keeps data reliability and functionality in mind.”

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