D-Link unveils D-View 8: Enterprise-grade network management software

Comprehensive wired and wireless network management tool allows users to centrally manage, monitor and maintain critical networks

09 května, 2023

D-Link D-View 8 Dashboard
D-View 8 Network Management Software

D-Link, a global leader in networking and connectivity technologies, has unveiled D-View 8, a powerful and scalable network management tool that offers users end-to-end visibility and complete control of their business network infrastructure. Designed to meet the evolving needs of medium-to-large enterprises, D-View 8 delivers advanced multi-site, multi-network monitoring, management, and automation capabilities in a user-friendly platform. 

With D-View 8, network administrators can easily monitor and control network devices from a single centralised location. Available as Standard and Enterprise Editions, both offer businesses of all sizes advanced network monitoring and management capabilities for D-Link network switches, wireless access points, and 3rd party devices.
D-View 8 Standard Edition offers real-time network visualisation, proactive alerts, and comprehensive reporting tools that enable businesses to identify and resolve issues quickly before they impact the business. The system streamlines network management, allowing companies to optimise their networks and improve operational efficiency. Features such as automated device discovery, configuration backup, and firmware updates simplify everyday network tasks and reduce manual effort.

D-View 8 Enterprise Edition builds on the capabilities of the Standard Edition, providing additional features designed for larger and more complex networks. Two-server support offers redundancy and high availability, while the sFlow analyser with multiple probes gives greater visibility, improved troubleshooting, faster traffic analysis, and scalability for network monitoring and management. 

"D-View 8 shows our commitment to providing end-to-end network solutions to our customers," said Claude Chou, President of D-Link Europe. "With its advanced features and intuitive interface, D-View 8 streamlines network management, enabling businesses to optimise their networks and improve operational efficiency."