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Less chores, more fun, use your phone or tablet to control smart home gadgets that work around your schedule.

The only time you should ever have to lit a finger, is to tell us what to do

Keep an eye on your home while you're away and control smart home gadgets from your phone or table to work for you, around your schedule.

Tell mydlink what to do

Get the chores done with a tap of your finger. Turn grouped gadgets on and off remotely, control them individually, combine with Google Assistant or Alexa for voice control, create One-Tap automatic routines for your appliances to save your time and energy.

Control from anywhere

Keep an eye on your home while you’re away, save your favourite memories to the cloud, use your smart home gadgets from wherever you are.

Setup in no time

Download the free app. Add your smart home products. Tell Google Assistant or Alexa where your gadgets are if you’d like them to help you too.

The future of home life is now possible with smart home technology

Connect your home to a growing number of smart home devices that work with the mydlink app on your phone or tablet. Keep an eye on your home while you're away, save money on your electricity by controlling your power budget, set your lights to turn on when it gets dark.


Your home at your fingertips

The free mydlink app takes you to the heart of your smart home. Now you can easily control, monitor, and automate every smart home device, wherever you are.

Forgot to switch off the curling iron?

One-Tap gives you a stress-free smart home. Bundle and switch multiple appliances on and off with one simple tap.

Wake up to freshly-brewed coffee

It's all possible with mydlink Schedules and customizable scenes for common household routines. 

See several camera-feeds at once

Get an instant overview of what's happening around the house.


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Supports Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT

Google Assistant and Alexa are able to help you around the house with a range of D-Link’s smart home devices. 

With the huge IFTTT library of actions that can be used with smart home products, you can easily create your own recipes for your gadgets to work together.

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