My DSL-300T/DSL-320T is not working with Windows Vista. Is it broken?

Due to certain changes in Microsoft Windows Vista, it has becomenecessary to take additional steps to use the DSL-300T or DSL-320Tin some circumstances.

There are a number of ways to resolve these issues:

1) If you are using the DSL-320T and are stillable to access the web configuration interface, you can upgrade thefirmware to a newer version that adds Windows Vista support. Pleasefollow

2) If you are unable to access theconfiguration, or are using the DSL-300T, click on the Start menuand enter the following command into the search box:

route -p ADD MASK


Run the command by pressing the Ctrl and Shiftkeys at the same time as the Enter/Return key. You shouldsee a dialog box pop up, asking you to confirm that you do want torun the command. Confirm that you do.

You should then be able to configure the modem and accessthe Internet.

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