I can get online connecting directly to my PC/Mac but not using a NAT Router in between. Why?

The DSL-300G is designed to "lock" on the machine it'sinstalled on.

If you wish to put a NAT Router in between (eg. DI-624) you willneed to make a few adjustements.

  • Connect computer to routers' LAN port, or wirelessly
  • Connect routers' WAN port to DSL-300G
  • Change LAN IP of router, to eg., save andreboot.
  • Reset the DSL-300G , using the button on the back. (Hold for10s)
  • On your computer, go to your web browser and type in theaddress press OK
  • Enter your ADSL account details, provided by your ISP, save andreboot.

For more detailed guide, please download this 

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