How do I open ports on my DSL-G624M?

1. Open up a web browser and type in the IP address of theDSL-G624M (default is PressEnter.

2. Type in the username and password (default is admin/admin).Press OK.

3. Click on Advanced and then click onVirtual Server on the left.

4. Configure the following entries to add the Virtual Serverentry:

  • Status - set Status to Enable
  • Name - type in the name for the Virtual Server entry
  • Private IP - type in the IP address of the local machine thatyou need to open the port to
  • Protocol Type - select the Protocol for the port(TCP/UDP/Both)
  • Private Port - type in the port number running on the localmachine
  • Public Port - type in the public port number
  • Schedule - select Always or specify a scheduled time for thevirtual server port to be open

Click on Apply to apply the new virtual serverentry.

5. Select Yes to save and reboot the DSL-G624Mto apply the new settings.

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