How do I configure the Remote Management feature on my DSL-G624M?

Remote Management allows the device to beconfigured remotly from the Internet using a webbrowser. 

Step 1. Open up a web browser and type in theIP address of the DSL-G624M (default is PressEnter.

Step 2. Type in the username and password(default is admin/admin). Press OK.

Step 3. Click on Tools at thetop and then click on Admin on the left.

Step 4. Configure the following options underthe Remote Management section:

  • Set Remote Management to Enabled
  • IP Address - the entry will have an asterisk(*) by default to allow all IP addresses. Type in an IP address toallow only this IP address access to the remote management
  • Port - select the port for remote management.Options available are (80, 88, 1080, 8080/ default selection is8080)

Click on Apply to apply the changes.

Step 5. Select Yes to andclick OK to save and reboot the DSL-G624M with thenew settings.

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