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Simplify Management Tasks

  • Supports SNMP v1, v2c, and v3
  • Supports device auto-discovery
  • Supports scheduled and periodic task management
  • Supports event notification and event escalation
  • Supports SNMP trap and syslog collection
  • Supports Batch Configuration and is capable of configuring multiple devices at a time

Flexible Architecture

  • Designed with a server and probe architecture
  • Supports management of devices behind a firewall, NAT, or in remote sites without a VPN


  • Easy to understand and configure dashboard
  • Customisable chart system for displaying data
  • Support auto-generates network topology
  • Support real-time device status on topology
  • Support real-time device rack and panel simulation

3rd Party Device Support

  • Support Smart and Managed Switches, Unified Switches, Unified Access Points, Wireless Controller, Wireless Access Point, etc.
  • Support 3rd party device management by MIB Compiler and Browser

Technical Specifications



  • Supports standard server client web architecture
  • Supports multi-tenant architecture
  • Supports probe design to collect data from remote site without VPN or behind NAT

User Management

  • Support read-write and read-only privileges by modules 


Device Discovery

  • Support SNMP v1, v2c, v3 scan
  • Support IPv4 address range scan 
  • Support smart scan by neighbourhood
  • Support discover across LAN by probe

Link Discovery

  • Support LLDP,  FDB based link discovery 

Auto Discovery

  • Support periodically discovery with specific time period 


Inventory Management

  • Support inventory and devices export
  • Support device grouping by labels, a device can belong to multiple labels



  • Support overall system and product summary for wired or wireless devices 
  • Support customised dashboard


  • Support following methods to data collection
    • SNMP
    • PING 

Topology View

  • Support auto-topology generation
  • Support customised topology generation
  • Support devices status display
  • Support link status display
  • Support different structure of topology (tree type, start type) 
  • Support multi-layer topology for following views
  • Support customised background image overlay for following views

Panel View 

  • Support panel and LED status of switches 
  • Support panel view with stacking switches

Status Polling

  • Support multiple polling methods
    • Ping
    • SNMP
  • Support customised polling time for each devices or by group

Event & Notification 

  • Support customised criteria or threshold to trigger the event based on following rules
    • Value Match
    • Keyword Match
    • Keyword Combination Match 
  • Support customised escalation rules
  • Support email notification to defined users


Device Configuration

  • Support pre-defined template to quick config single or multiple devices 
  • Support script dispatch with variables (such as IP, system name, etc.) defined by each devices

Firmware Upgrade

  • Support firmware upgrade for single or multiple devices 

Config Backup / Restore

  • Support one-time scheduled config backup for single or multiple devices
  • Support periodically scheduled config backup for single or multiple devices 
  • Support config restore by system-stored or user by user-uploaded file for single or multiple devices

Task Management

  • Support one-time scheduled task 
  • Support periodically scheduled task

Minimum System Requirements (Server System)


  • Dual Core 3.0 GHz or above


  • 4 GB or above

Hard Drive Space

  • 120 GB or above


  • Windows 7 64 Bits (Professional Edition or above)
  • Windows 8 64 Bits (Professional Edition or above)
  • Windows Server 2008 64 Bits (Standard Edition or above) 
  • Windows Server 2012 64 Bits (Standard Edition or above)
  • Only support 64 bits OS, English Version

Minimum System Requirements (Probe System)


  • Single Core 2.0 GHz or above


  • 2 GB or above


  • Windows XP 32 or 64 bits
  • Windows 7 32 or 64 bits
  • Windows 8 32 or 64 bits 
  • Windows Server 2008 32 or 64 bits
  • Windows Server 2012 32 or 64 bits
  • Support both 32 or 64 bits OS, English Version

Minimum System Requirements (Client System)


  • Single Core 2.0 GHz or above


  • 2 GB or above


  • Chrome, Firefox, and IE 10 or above 

Optional Upgrade Licences

  • DV-700-N25-LIC: D-View 7 License for 25 Nodes
  • DV-700-N250-LIC: D-View 7 License for 250 Nodes
  • DV-700-P10-LIC: D-View 7 License for 10 Probes