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History of

Datex Systems, Inc. is founded.

D-Link (Datex) releases its first Ethernet Adapter for the PC, the DE-001.

D-Link (Datex) releases the industry's first peer-to-peer LANSmart Network Operating System.

D-Link (Datex) successfully designs and mass produces its own Ethernet controller chips, reducing the cost of key electronic components.

D-Link (Datex) sets up its European subsidiary, firmly establishing its foothold in North American and European markets.

D-Link (Datex) introduces its first 10BASE-T Ethernet Hub, one of the earliest devices to adopt the now-standard twisted-pair network cable.

D-Link releases its first SNMP standard management software called D-View Network Management Program.

D-Link is among the industry’s first to introduce a zero-configuration jumper-less network adapter, the DE-220CT.

Datex Systems, Inc. is renamed D-Link Corporation

D-Link releases the DE-5000, its first enterprise-class chassis-based network switch.

D-Link’s industry-first PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter for laptop PC wins a Quality and Innovative Product Award (Taiwan)

D-Link International Pte. Ltd. is set up in Singapore to develop worldwide business beyond Europe, U.S.A., and Greater China

D-Link releases fault-tolerant high-bandwidth fiber-optics FDDI concentrator.

Dataquest ranks D-Link the global leader in unmanaged Ethernet hubs in terms of port shipments.

D-Link becomes Taiwan's first networking company with a Taiwan Stock Exchange IPO.

D-Link releases its first Ethernet switches, the DES-604 and DES-608.

D-Link releases its first dual-speed 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter.

D-Link releases the world's first Fast Ethernet Switch with ISDN Remote Router in stackable box.

D-Link releases its first router, the DE-1150.

D-Link releases its first managed Ethernet Switch, the DES-3205.

D-Link is listed among Forbes's 300 companies.

D-Link sets up R&D centre in India to focus on e-commerce, VoIP and future products.

D-Link is among the first to release new standard IEEE 802.11a 5GHz Wireless LAN products.

D-Link and Texas Instruments enter into extensive collaboration for Wireless LAN products.

BusinessWeek Magazine lists D-Link among the Annual Global Top 100 Information Tech companies.

D-Link's R&D and manufacturing arm spins off as an independent company names Alpha Networks Inc.

D-Link is ranked #1 in SMB networking connectivity according to The Synergy Research Group

D-Link’s First Gigabit Gaming Router, the DGL-4300, is introduced and subsequently goes on to win more than 25 awards.

D-Link is listed among Taiwan's Top 10 International Brands with a product brand value worth NTD 720 million.

D-Link DI-524, DI-624, and DI-784 home routers receive IPv6 Ready certification from the IPv6 Forum.

D-Link is ranked as the 6th most valuable Taiwan Global Brand, with a brand value of USD 347 million.

D-Link becomes the first company in the networking industry to introduce Green Ethernet technology in its Gigabit switches.

D-Link global consolidated revenues hit USD 1 billion.

D-Link receives the Outstanding Innovation Award for Industrial Technology Advancement from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.

D-Link's xStack DGS-3400 series, xStack DES-3528/52 series, DGS-3610 chassis series, and DES-7200 chassis series switches receive IPv6 Ready Certification from the IPv6 Forum.

D-Link receives the Outstanding Innovation Award for Industrial Technology Advancement from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.

D-Link ranks #1 in Small to Large Enterprise WLAN Stand-Alone Access Points by units shipped

D-Link launches the first Boxee HD Media Player; the Boxee Box by D-Link.

D-Link introduces revolutionary mydlink Cloud Services, launches first Cloud Router, Cloud Camera, and Cloud Storage

D-Link enters 11AC market with first complete 11AC line-up of routers.

D-Link introduces world’s first tower shaped 11AC routers (DIR-868L, DIR-860L, DIR-850L, DIR-820L).

D-Link supports World IPv6 Launch with over thirty IPv6 Ready products, including world’s first IPv6 Ready PowerLine AP and router.

D-Link rolls out first 4G LTE with Cloud Solutions for service providers and consumers.

D-Link announces Zero Configuration capability for all new Cloud Routers and Cloud Cameras; adds support for select current Cloud Routers.

D-Link launches the world’s first 11AC portable router DIR-510L is launched in 2013 IT month show

D-Link’s family of Cloud Solutions gains a new category, Cloud Access Points, with the release of the DAP-1160L Wireless N 150 Cloud Access Point

D-Link introduces the concept of “GET YOUR HOME TALKING,” launching a series of Connected Home products, including Wi-Fi Camera, Wi-Fi Smart Plug, Wi-Fi Motion Sensor, all of which can be controlled by mydlink™ Home App to create a smart home life.

D-Link announces the EXO Router Series in a fashionable orange with a focus on the antenna design and power

D-Link announces world’s first 180° Wide Eye consumer Wi-Fi camera: DCS-960L and DCS-2630L

D-Link announces first orb-shaped and USB 3.0 wireless adaptor DWA-192 AC1900 Wi-Fi USB adapter

  • Did You Know
    D-Link was the first networking company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange
  • Did You Know

    D-Link was among the first to release IEEE 802.11a 5GHz Wireless LAN products

  • Did You Know
    D-Link was the first company in the networking industry to introduce Green Ethernet technology in its Gigabit switches.