D-Link Establishes Scholarship for Ukrainian Students

Offering Study Programs at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and D-Link Group Work Opportunities

June 28, 2022

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D-Link Establishment the “D-Link Group Scholarship” with National Taiwan University


TAIPEI, Taiwan: June 22nd, 2022D-Link Corporation today announced the establishment of the “D-Link Group Scholarship” with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) to encourage Ukrainian and international students to continue their education and plan for future careers in Taiwan. The D-Link Group Scholarship offers master's programs for 10 individuals in electronics, information technology or communication related disciplines. Scholarship recipients will be given financial aid, internship programs, and job opportunities at companies within the D-Link Group after graduation.


“The Russian-Ukrainian conflict has caused the displacement of many Ukrainian students and interrupted their pursuit of higher education. Out of humanistic concerns and with the aim to foster new talents, we expanded our cooperation with NTUST and established the D-Link Group Scholarship. We would like to support Ukrainian students to study in Taiwan at NTUST without worries.” Said Victor Kuo, the Chairman of D-Link Corporation. “The scholarship recipients will not only receive financial support during their 2-year study, but also receive internships from D-Link Group companies, including D-Link, Amigo, Amit, Sapido and Cameo. After graduation, recipients with outstanding performance may also be hired directly.”


“By establishing the D-Link Group Scholarship, we hope to assist as many students as possible. In addition to Ukraine, students from other regions are welcome to apply as well.” Added Victor Kuo, “However, Ukrainian students will receive priority in our evaluation of scholarship applications.”


NTUST recruits the most foreign graduate students in Taiwan and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has drawn much attention to all students and faculty at NTUST. In addition to seminars, more than 50 teachers at NTUST also offer laboratory internship opportunities to Ukrainian students.


“NTUST is very happy to work with D-Link again!” said Jia-Yush Yen, president of NTUST. “We really appreciate D-Link offering valuable resources and establishing the D-Link Group Scholarship with NTUST. In addition to providing generous financial support, D-Link Group Scholarship also offers internship and career opportunities, which means a lot to foreign students and makes this scholarship unique. We are looking forward to this combined effort between the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, the Computer Center in NTUST and D-Link. We hope to assist more Ukrainian and international students while introducing more international talents to Taiwan.”


The D-Link Group Scholarship offers 10 students the opportunity for master's programs in electronics, information technology or communication related disciplines, including paid round-trip air fare, tuition and living allowance. Application for Spring 2023 will begin in September 2022, please check https://www.oia.ntust.edu.tw/p/412-1060-8929.php?Lang=en for details.




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