Case Studies

Pupils at Carterhatch Are On the Move With Help from D-Link


After transitioning from static, wired Windows-based PCs to wireless mobile devices, Carterhatch Junior School immediately realized the impact on the children of this motivational way of learning and decided to introduce a managed network from D-Link.

The new managed network has resulted in pupils' performance improving due to their richer learning experience and less work for teachers, who are able to plan lessons more easily. Tablets and MacBooks are now moved around the school to where they are needed on a trolley.


Client Feedback

“There’s been less interruption in lessons. Beforehand the network was very slow and therefore loading web pages was slow. Now with the new kit the laptops are really fast, the network’s fast, and there’s no waiting around for a page to load. Both pupils and teachers are a lot less frustrated in class.”

Daniel Warner, IT Technician, Carterhatch Junior School

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