PowerLine AV 200 Mini Adapter Starter Kit



The D-Link PowerLine AV 200 Mini Adapter Starter Kit (DHP-209AV) delivers fast wired connectivity to the hard-to-reach areas of your home – perfect for everyday web activities like multimedia streaming, web surfing and video chatting. Rather than using long and unsightly cables to get your devices online, the DHP-209AV instantly transforms your home’s existing electrical circuit into a stable wired network, making it quick and easy to connect computers, printers, and other Ethernet-enabled devices. The DHP-209AV is the ideal solution for getting connected in spaces like offices, bedrooms and other areas of your home that are remotely located from your router.

Powerline AV 200 Speeds — Up to 200Mbps

PowerLine technology is the simplest solution for getting connectivity to your wired devices.  Whether you need to connect a desktop computer or a media player in a different room, PowerLine delivers reliable performance while eliminating the need for messy wiring all together.
Plug and Play Installation — Get your reliable wired network up and running in minutes

Simple Connect Button — Automatically recognizes PowerLine adapters on your network for easy setup

Scalable — Allows you to expand your wired network with additional D-Link PowerLine adapters

PowerLine gives you the flexibility to create the network you need in the space you have, by using your electric wiring to connect computers and other devices. It’s a simple solution to what can be a sticky networking situation.  Simply plug one into a wall outlet and connect it to your network router, and plug another into a different wall outlet and connect it to your computer or other device using the included Ethernet cable. Once they’re plugged in, you’re good to go. 

  • IEEE 802.3
  • HomePlug AV
Ethernet Interface
  • 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet
Maximum PHY Rate
  • 200Mbps
  • 128-bit AES Data Encryption
Input Power
  • 100V ~ 240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power
  • PowerLine
  • LAN
Power Saving
  • Power Saving Mode Supported
Power Consumption
  • < 2.5W at Power On Mode
Operating Temperature
  • 33° to 104°F (0 ℃ to +40℃)
Operating Humidity
  • 10% to 90% non-condensing
EMC Certifications
  • FCC
  • CE
Safety Certifications
  • UL
  • CE/LVD
  • 67.5 x 47.7 x 25mm
  • TBD
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
Description Type File Size
Download PDF 0.85mb
  • Expand your Wired Network - Easily add Ethernet devices like computers, media players, and printers without messy wiring
  • Performance - Speeds of up to 200Mbps - ideal for multimedia streaming, video chatting, and web surfing
  • Scalable to your Needs - Easily expand your network with additional PowerLine adapters
  • Compact Design - Small form factor doesn't block other outlet plugs
  • Plug and Play Installation - Quickly setup your PowerLine adapters with the push of a button

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