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What is
mydlink Home

The mydlink™ Home smartphone and tablet app is the command centre for the D-Link range of smart home technology devices, enabling you to set, control, monitor and automate. What felt like science fiction not that long ago is now very much science fact...

Once upon a time, the very thought of automating your home was so far in the very distant future that it seemed an impossible dream.


However, technology has moved on, and that’s good news for you, because it means that the future is now the present, those long-dreamt possibilities are now realities. We call it mydlink™ Home. It is smart home technology at its most futuristic.


This is clever stuff implemented to make your life easier, safer, with added peace of mind. It is smart home technology at its most futuristic.
Available now...


You’re in control, automatically

It is with the mydlink™ Home app that you control everything in your automated home. Set power usage thresholds (yes, you can be notified when your son has used a month’s worth of PlayStation ‘power’ in four days!), schedule light timers, establish thermal overload thresholds for high-current appliances... the list is almost endless.