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Halloween - A SMART way to scare

A SMART way to scare

It’s all hallows eve and all through the house...
...all the creatures were creeping...

It’s the time of year when we’re not only allowed to but we’re SUPPOSED to scare adults and children alike. So we’ve come up with some SMART and spooky tips to get your Halloween going with a bump in the night.

Door & Window Sensor*

Let the Sensor tell you when your housemates are home with an alert to your smartphone and then let the Halloween havoc begin! Get creative with a range of different home automation devices and try a few of the below scare tactics...

Smart Plug

Do you have a scarecrow that startles? A ghost that grabs? A jumping jack that, well...jumps?

Make it even scarier! Breathe life into your decorations with the Smart Plug. Any of your dastardly decorations that need electricity to work can be plugged into the Smart Plug. You then have the power to control it remotely via your smartphone or tablet. Turn it on and make it come alive with ‘no one around’.

Lights and TV

Get the popcorn at the ready and settle down to a scary movie. But here’s the twist, plug a lamp into the Smart Plug, wait for the perfect point in the film and secretly turn it off with your smartphone or better yet, plug your TV in to the Smart plug and turn it off at a crucial suspense filled moment. Make your friends think there’s some ghoulish goings on.

Music Everywhere

Load up your smartphone with spooky sounds, haunting music and creepy cackles, then plug your Music Everywhere into your speakers and let the place come alive with eerie echoes. Play them from the window at intermittent intervals to scare the trick or treaters.

Battery Motion Sensor*

Let your Motion Sensor tell you when your prank victim has returned home, pair it with the Smart Plug so when they open the door the lamp goes out.

When the Motion Sensor is triggered it gives a sinister red glow (it’s almost like it was made for Halloween) put two behind the eyes of a spooky mask or hidden behind a plant in your home and you’ll have a pair of glowing red eyes staring back out at you.

D-Link takes no responsibility for any heebie-jeebies received from the above pranks, we do however wish everyone a very happy Halloween!

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*The Door & Window Sensor and Battery Motion Sensor require the
Connected Home Hub, not included with devices.