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D-Link and WaterAid come together to help transform lives

WaterAid/Anna Kari

Through its year-long partnership with WaterAid, D-Link will be donating €1 from every monitor from the EyeOn™ Baby range sold in Europe. In the world’s poorest communities, safe, clean water can be the difference between life and death for a new mother and her baby.

Roughly one tenth of the world's population - 748 million people – don’t have access to safe water, while one in three people (2.5 billion) lack access to improved sanitation. As a result, a child under the age of five dies every single minute from diarrhoeal diseases. By donating a portion of the sales of our EyeOn™ Baby Monitor range, we’re supporting WaterAid’s life-saving work and helping to give parents the best possible start for their new-borns.

WaterAid/Anna Kari
WaterAid/Anna Kari

Research from the World Health Organisation shows that, for every Dollar, Pound or Euro invested in water and sanitation, an average of a four-fold return in increased productivity is seen. Clean water doesn't just save lives; it's also a vital boost to the economy and development of the world’s poorest countries.

Partnerships with the private sector are essential to WaterAid’s work and an important solution to the water and sanitation crisis

Every purchase will help transform lives across the globe.

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