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Monitor. Manage. Control.

D-Link’s free Central WiFiManager software (CWM-100) offers network administrators and service providers an innovative multiple access point management system to configure, monitor and control up to 500 Wi-Fi Access Points in real time through a web-based interface.

Creating a scalable network, Central WiFiManager is ideal for businesses with large or dispersed premises that require multiple access points or organisations that have multiple locations, including schools, hotels and hospitals. For service providers, they can simply send a pre-configured access point to the customer and then remotely manage their wireless network access security.

Scalable, flexible, centralised AP management

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With the easy-to-use web-based interface you can...

  • Configure once and apply to multiple Access Points (up to 500)
  • Install on Windows PC or hosted on a public cloud service
  • Access on any device using a web-browser, e.g. smartphone or notebook
  • Utilise user authentication and access control
  • Monitor your entire wireless network in real time
  • Multi-layer management authority
  • NAT pass-through to work with access points behind firewalls and routers
  • Access detailed reports
  • Optimise your bandwidth