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with digital video

The new network-based video surveillance technology is transforming the security industry, because it’s much easier to use than specialist CCTV systems. You can easily set up a video surveillance system using a customer’s existing computer network.

Features such as Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) mean you don’t need dedicated cabling or complicated monitoring. With D-Link, everything is designed to work together from end-to-end, and seamlessly with standard network equipment.


  • Affordable – Vigilance allows you to offer very attractive prices, without compromising the essential quality and reliability associated with the D-Link brand.
  • Profitable – As a D-Link Smart Installer, your price advantage means you can make extra margin with Vigilance.
  • Practical – This simplified, yet extensive camera range is designed specifically for homes and smaller business premises.
  • Full range – With D-Link, you have everything your customers need for a complete video surveillance installation, including storage, networking technology and management software.