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Smart means:
Less risk, lower costs

Security – including video surveillance – is an important part of creating a low risk business environment.


"The end-to-end approach offered by D-Link, delivering IP cameras, network switches, video storage devices and video management software technologies, demonstrated the best of breed solution that we were looking for."

Dave Simpson, Commercial Director, Softcat

By providing protection for your people, property and assets, video surveillance acts as a deterrent to reduce the risk of crime and inappropriate behaviour — and the costs that can result from them.

D-Link’s advanced video surveillance solutions give you everything you need to achieve this level of protection, at an affordable cost:

  • A full range of cameras, smart PoE switches, high-capacity video storage solutions
  • Locate cameras wherever they’re needed
  • Choose a model for any environment: indoors, outside,
    poorly-lit areas, busy public areas, areas where clarity over
    long distances is needed, and more
  • Store and find footage easily
  • FREE D-ViewCam – advanced network
    video management surveillance software
    with optional intelligent analytic licenses