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Smart Switches Offer

  • Enterprise functionality at small business prices.
  • Power your whole network – Your existing network does not have to be based on D-Link solutions. Our products work with any standard networking technologies.
  • Easy management – High performance with easy user interface.
  • Built with future in mind – With our smart switches your network can easily grow and adapt as the business changes.
  • Green technology - Cut energy costs putting ports that are not being used to sleep and also powering them on as required.
  • Secure network.

All D-Link Smart Switches feature:

  • VLAN – From basic to advanced, our switches support local area networks of any size.
  • QOS – Achieve high quality of services in your network with our switches
  • Bandwidth management – Efficiently measure and control the traffic on your network.

A number of our smart switch models have:

  • PoE support (DES-1210, DGS-1100, DGS-1210, DGS-1510) – High power budget PoE-enabled switches make deployment of IP network cameras, VoIP phones, and access points much easier.
  • 10GB (DGS-1510, DXS-1210) – 10 Gigabit Switches used to be the exclusive realm of large companies. Now, our range of Smart Managed Switches brings the business benefits of high performance and low latency of 10G Ethernet to businesses of all sizes.
  • Max PoE (DGS-1100-10MP, DGS-1100-26MP, DGS-1210-52MP) – Our switches ensure that adequate power is supplied to the most power demanding PoE devices.

If you’re considering deploying or upgrading your
network, here are six critical things to take into account:

  • Your people – as well as the number of users, make sure your network meets everyone’s needs – from email and browsing, to working with bandwidth-hungry applications.
  • Your future plans – to get the most value from your investment in your network it needs to integrate easily into the existing business infrastructure. It can then grow and adapt as the business changes so you don’t have to commit to another major upgrade or replacement in the near future.
  • The devices they use – if your people use smartphones and tablets as well as their computers, then your network will have to accommodate three or four connections from each user.
  • Your resources – out-of-date, cumbersome technology can hog manpower. A modern, flexible network can free up IT resource to focus more time on innovating elsewhere in the business.
  • Your office space – make sure wireless coverage reaches everywhere it’s needed, especially into conference rooms or areas where you might be hosting customer meetings. Where wireless can’t reach, ensure there are enough wired connections.
  • Cost of ownership – if the network is unreliable, your daily operations and even your reputation can be affected. It’s important to back your network with the right kind of support and to invest in top-of-the-range, affordable technology that you can rely on.