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Why PoE

There are many advantages of using Power-over-Ethernet when you are adding wireless access, network surveillance or VoIP phones to your network. This is especially true when installing these devices at remote or outdoor locations without having to connect to an additional AC power source. This allows devices to be installed without an electrician, saving you time and money.


Cost Saving

PoE saves time and money by avoiding the need for separate installation of data and power infrastructures. Such cost can be substantial per Ethernet port, when an electrical technician is involved. 



Power is fully integrated with Ethernet infrastructure, so access to hard to reach places for power deployment, such as ceilings, becomes simpler.



PoE network devices can be easily moved without need for AC power outlets, minimizing business disruption. Wherever there is an Ethernet connection, a PoE network device can be easily deployed. In addition, PoE will accelerate the deployment of wireless access points and network cameras because power, which is rarely available above the ceiling, can now be offered over the Ethernet cable.



High reliability can be achieved when deployed in conjunction with an uninterruptible power supply. Furthermore, the need for a local backup for each AC outlet is avoided as well as protection against electrical surges that can damage your equipment.



SNMP management capabilities provide control and monitor of the PoE network devices.



Shutting down unnecessary PoE network devices when no one is at office ensures better business security.



As with security, shutting down unnecessary PoE network devices can also save power and money for a business.