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Network Video Recorder

D-Link offers a full suite of video storage products ideally suited to a variety of applications and requirements. 

Aimed at the smaller enterprise, D-Link standalone network video recorders (NVR) can accept video from multiple network cameras located in local or remote sites without turning on a computer. Each recorder can be fitted with two removable SATA disks up to 3TB in capacity to store recordings from multiple cameras using Motion JPEG, MPEG-4 or H.264 streaming technology.

Affordable, scalable network attached storage solutions enable convenient central video storage that can support up to 18TB of raw capacity. For large-scale video surveillance applications, D-Link has a full line of high-performance iSCSI SAN arrays with an easy-to-use management interface, built-in RAID protection and scalability to future-proof your storage investment.


  • Scalable solutions that support as few as nine and as many as hundreds of cameras
  • Easy set up and remote viewing via an internet browser
  • Streamlined support of IP surveillance cameras, switching and storage when purchasing complete D-Link surveillance packages
  • Bundled D-ViewCam NVR monitoring and recording software

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