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Wide Dynamic Range

Learn how Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology can outsmart tricky lighting conditions and help ensure optimal image quality.

Shine a light on hidden detail. Revealing image detail with WDR.

IP surveillance cameras are often installed in areas with consistent lighting, like offices, banks or stores. This makes it easy to set exposure levels for optimal image quality. At other times, surveillance personnel are not so lucky. Doorways, glass walls or other areas that are exposed to direct or varying sunlight can create backlit or high contrast scenes. In such conditions, detail is lost in bright areas because of over-exposure and in dark areas because of low light. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology overcomes these conditions by merging two images, one with a short exposure time to capture detail in the brighter parts of the image, and one with a longer exposure time to reveal detail in the darker areas. The resulting WDR image provides natural, balanced detail – a must in critical surveillance applications with tricky lighting conditions.  

With WDR: the detail of the area directly outside the warehouse doorway and also in the window is captured clearly.


Without WDR: the detail of the area directly outside the warehouse doorway and in the window is lost due to strong backlight.

Choose D-Link’s WDR cameras when...

  • Detail is lost in shadow
  • Backlighting washes out video
  • Sunlight varies during the day
  • Capturing detail in high contrast images is critical

D-Link products featuring WDR technology

  • DCS-3710 (1.3 MP box)
  • DCS-3716 (3MP box)
  • DCS-6111 (10/100 Fixed Dome IP Network PoE Camera)
  • DCS-6511 (1.3MP vandal dome)
  • DCS-6616 (Indoor speed dome, 12x optical zoom)
  • DCS-6818 (SD speed dome, 36x optical zoom)