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Wireless system at Bárdi Autó

Hungary’s leading automotive spare parts distributor switches to controller-based Wireless system with D-Link Unified Switching solution

The company

BÁRDI AUTÓ is operating the Central European region’s greatest and widest spare parts supplying system. In 2007, we are present in three EU member states with 54 private sales points, operating according to a common logistic structure. BÁRDI AUTÓ has excelled its competitors in the last 10 years with its continuous and dynamic growth. Since 2007 the company is the market leader considering both the number of customers and the value of the sold goods. BÁRDI AUTÓ cooperates with over 200 suppliers. The company employs over 1700 people and delvering spare parts 5-7 times a day to contracted partners with its own 520 vans.

The challenge

Bárdi Autó has 55 shops in Hungary, 12 of them are regional centres as well. Together with Slovakia and Romania there are 88 sales points. As 95% of the spare parts are sold from stock and due to the growth of the company in 2013 Bárdi Autó invested into a new, 10 000m2 automated warehouse in Hungary exceeding 60 000 m2 total warehouse area. 8 spare parts out of 10 are immediatelly delivered from the warehouses.

This operation requires smooth and up-to-date logistics and IT background. Each shop assistant, warehouse employee and van driver must know the real-time inventory data. Any changes in the inventory shall be followed in an ERP system. The inventory management is done with 200 industrial class mobile data collection terminals that are wirelessly connect to the servers. For such a solution the most flexible and 100% available network is needed – in an environment that is against the wireless in all measures. The company formerly used a Motorola rfs6000 system with partial coverage. This is why the company started to investigate into the wireless networking developments.

The solution

The major criteria for the new solution were:

  • Reaching the coverage close to 100%
  • Guaranteeing continuous connection for the industrial mobile terminals
  • Multiple redundancy in the switch and wireless controller side
  • Providing network connection for the office area
  • Homogeneous wired and wireless network – one vendor

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