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Mission: makeover the nation’s smart homes

D-Link’s top tips for making sure your home reaches its ‘smart’ potential


Rule number one for any makeover project is to assess the status quo and map out your strategy for transformation. Thankfully, we’re not talking about fashion faux pas or unfortunate dating disasters, the makeover we are addressing is that of our homes. Whether you realise it or not, the average household is undergoing a smart technology revolution and many homeowners just aren’t prepared to make the most of it.

By 2020 the typical family home could contain more than 500 smart devices*! Previously unremarkable everyday items ranging from the TV remote, a coffee machine, to the central heating system and even your toothbrush will gain some level of sensor and intelligence combined with the ability to communicate wirelessly. Imagine Toy Story, but instead of the toys coming to life, it’s your home appliances that talk to each other and look out for your wellbeing!

With such potential contained within our homes, we’d be crazy not to harness this technology and manage it to make our lives easier and more secure in a way that suits us. Here are our top tips for creating an efficient and friendly smart home ecosystem.

1. Organise your smart home with your
    lifestyle in mind

In true makeover style, what would make you feel more confident, secure and improve your quality of life? Work out what things you want to control or access inside your home while you are out and about.

Is it that you are nervous about your home security and would feel reassured if lights or music are timed to come on or switch off throughout the day? Or are you intrigued to see what mischief your pet gets up to when they’re home alone? Perhaps being able to double-check that you turned the hair straighteners off when you rushed to work would save a journey back home? Or do you live in fear of a burst water pipe when you’re away on holiday?

It could simply be that you’d like a few time-saving short cuts: turn your lights on before arriving home or get your morning coffee brewing before you even get out of bed, so you can hit the snooze button one more time!

The possibilities are endless in your future smart home; it is just a question of picking the best products for your needs.

2. Get your home talking

Shop smart and pick the products that compliment your lifestyle. A connected home with household items communicating, triggering reactions or responding to requests is not beyond our reach. Smart home ecosystems including everything from temperature control, camera security and lighting can be managed remotely from your smartphone or tablet. No complicated instructions, difficult technology terminology, or eye-watering monthly bills, just complete control of your smart home at the touch of a button.

Picture this – window sensor is programmed to send a text alert if a window is opened when the house is empty, a water sensor primed to signal an alarm if there is a leak, or a pet monitor making it possible to watch and interact with your pets while you’re at work. A smart home makeover can just make your life that much easier.

3. Make sure your Wi-Fi is up to the challenge

You’re all familiar with the frustrations of slow wireless connections or buffering, whether it’s at the crucial point in your favourite TV series, or as your favourite sports team looks set to score. Internet connectivity is set to become critical as more and more wireless devices connect to your home network and demand for more data increases.

If your Internet provider has provided a router that is not able to cope with increased demand for Internet access, there is a simple, affordable solution. Change to a ‘Wireless AC’ router and you’ll get super-fast, reliable connectivity and consider PowerLine for the harder-to-reach places like the attic or the garage. Make sure your smart home has the fuel it needs to run at its best.

It’s time to meet your ‘smart’ potential

‘Mission smart home makeover’ is simple, open to everyone and doesn’t require vast investment. In fact, your connected home transformation is already happening. Your home is ready to enter into the smart era and the time is now to take your first steps towards creating a smart home ecosystem. Embrace the opportunity so you are not left behind your friends and neighbours. Never has a makeover been so simple or rewarding.

*Gartner, Sept 2014