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PoE Network Cameras

Simple, flexible and reliable surveillance

The placement and location of surveillance cameras is critical to the effectiveness of their application. Camera placement in security applications should be in inconspicuous locations that still allow visibility to high traffic or high value areas. In order to place surveillance cameras in the most optimal location for monitoring, their location must not be restricted by the location of power sockets. Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) enabled cameras enable much more flexibility in camera location and optimised the monitoring application. This is especially beneficial when deploying surveillance cameras outdoor, as only a single cable is needed to connect and power the camera.

Not only this, it is also possible to deploy fully redundant surveillance system by adding an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to ensure 24/7 operation. An UP can be connected to the PoE-switch to make sure all your network cameras stayed powered and operational even in the even of a power failure.

What's more, together with D-Link PoE switches that supports Auto Surveillance VLAN, you can quickly and easily setup a manageable and reliable IP surveillance system. D-Link’s Auto Surveillance VLAN automatically prioritises surveillance traffic above ordinary data traffic. This allows you to create a hybrid network that is capable of handling both data and surveillance traffic, saving you the costs of deploying and maintaining a separate network for surveillance traffic only.

Most D-Link PoE switches also support time-based PoE. This option allows administrators to set a schedule that determines when each camera is powered on and off. This can be useful for schools that only require surveillance during out of school hours, or a shop that only requires indoor surveillance during opening hours.



DCS-6004L Facing Forward
Model DCS-2210 DCS-3010 DCS-3112* DCS-3710 DCS-3716 DCS-6004L  DCS-6113 DCS-5615
Resolution (megapixel)  2 1 1.3 1.3 3  1 2  2
Pan and Tilt                ●
Night vision Up to 5m  Up to 5m Up to 10m  
Optical zoom 2.3X 2.8X 2.3X    
Local recording  ●



Model DCS-2310L DCS-7010L DCS-7413 DCS-7513 DCS-6210 DCS-6314 DCS-6315 DCS-6511 DCS-6513


1 1 2 2 2 2 1 3 3
Night vision Up to 5m Up to 10m Up to 15m Up to 30m Up to 15m  Up to 15m Up to 20m Up to 20m
LowLight+               ●    
Optical zoom        3X   4X 4X  3.6X 3X
Local recording
Vandal proof

* Not available in the UK and Ireland