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EyeOn™ Pet Monitor

The EyeOn™ Pet Monitor is specially designed to make it easy for you to care for your pet. It can detect movement and loud noises such as barking or meowing, and alert you via push notification. Its versatile all-day monitoring turns on night vision automatically when it gets dark, giving you a clear picture day or night so you can keep an eye on things anytime. It’s perfect for use in the home, or even when you’re away; it’s mydlink™-enabled, which means that you can check on your pet remotely and securely over the Internet.

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EyeOn Pet Monitor HD 360

  • Pan & Tilt Functionality:
    Remotely pan and tilt live video to keep an eye on a larger area
  • HD 720p High Quality Video:
    Rich detail and crisp image quality for your monitoring your pets
  • Night Vision:
    Infrared LEDs turn on automatically when it gets dark
  • Sound & Motion Detection:
    Alerts you of detected motion or loud noises
  • Temperature Sensor:
    Informs you if the room becomes too hot or cold
  • Two-Way Audio:
    Lets you hear your pet and allows you to respond and calm your pet
  • 5 Pre-Recorded Lullabies:
    Soothe your pet with 5 gentle lullabies
  • microSD/SDHC Card Slot with microsSD Card included:
    Record snapshots and videos triggered by motion or sound or add personalised lullabies
  • Interchangeable Accent Colour Rings:
    Includes white, pink and blue accent rings

  • Intérieur
  • HD 1 megapixel
  • 1/4" 1 megapixel progressive scan CMOS
  • 1280 x 720 (16:9)

Caméra de surveillance pour animal de compagnie EyeOn™ Pet


Avec la caméra de surveillance pour animal de compagnie EyeOn™ Pet DCS-800L/P, gardez toujours un œil sur votre animal. Cette caméra portable transforme votre appareil mobile en un dispositif polyvalent et simple à utiliser de surveillance de votre animal. Accédez à votre caméra sans fil ou par Internet pour garder un œil sur votre animal où que vous soyez. Elle est dotée d'un large éventail de fonctions pour vous aider à prendre soin de votre animal, y compris la vision nocturne, la détection de mouvements et de sons.

  • Intérieur
  • VGA 0.3 megapixel
  • 1.5" VGA progressive scan CMOS
  • 640 x 480 (other)