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Redundant Power Supplies

D-Link’s Redundant Power Supplies (RPS) provide your switches with a backup power source to keep your network up and running with zero downtime. Our RPS models provide up to 589 Watts and are rack-mountable, making them ideal for power-hungry applications like Power over Ethernet.
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Modular Redundant Power Supplies

The DPS-200A redundant power supply (RPS) are designed to conform to the wattage requirements of D-Link’s Ethernet and Gigabit switches. It is an external RPS unit enclosed in solid metal cases with sockets to connect to an AC power sources on one end and to connect to a switch’s internal power supply on the other end. They provide a low-cost, simple solution to the problem of an inadvertent failure of the internal power-supply of an Ethernet switch, which can result in the shutdown of that switch, the devices attached to its ports or an entire network.

589 Watt Redundant Power Supply for D-Link Managed Switches



  • Redundant Power Supply keeps your switch online in case of Power Supply Failure
  • 1+1 PoE Budget, allowing you to extend your PoE budget by 370 Watts on supported switches
  • Rack Mountable for ease of installation

Redundant Power Supply for DMC-1000 Chassis



Intended for use with the DMC-1000 chassis, this redundant power supply unit acts as a fail-safe against power failure.

2 Slot Rack-mount Chassis for select D-Link DPS Redundant Power Supplies



  •  Holds 2 Redundant Power Supply Units
  •  19" 1U Rack Mount, Supports DPS-200, DSP-500