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Wi-Fi: the technical aspects

D-Link’s guide to building a better Wi-Fi network contains full details of the technology options available to you, which will help to overcome the obstacles to free and easy wireless working.

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    Key points to consider:

  • Fast roaming – strategically or well-placed access points allow employees to move between different rooms or even buildings with a tablet or PC, without losing their network/Internet access.
  • Load balancing – prevents any single access point from becoming overloaded, so everyone has the service they need, even at times of peak demand.
  • Central WiFiManager – multiple access points can be centrally and easily managed using D-Link’s free access point management software which allows setup, management and control of an entire wireless network from any Internet-connected device.
  • Unified Wireless Controllers – D-Link’s family provide increased security and more granular control of your wireless network.
  • Wireless bridges – can be used to extend or enlarge an existing wireless network.
  • Separate buildings – can be connected wirelessly with access points designed for outdoor use.
  • Range extenders – help to overcome the challenge of maintaining coverage in very large spaces, such as warehouses or large sales floors.
  • Ease congestion – by selecting dual-band access points (those that support 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands), as well as delivering high performance connections for sharing large files, or for applications such as webinars and video conferences.

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