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Do I need Powerline or a Wireless Range Extender?

Both PowerLine or a Wireless Range Extender can help extend your wireless coverage thoughout your home. The difference is how you connect your device in that room.

With Powerline you connect it using an Ethernet cable. These kits utilise the existing electrical wire in your homes to extend the network. They usually come with two adapters, one of the adapters is located where your router is. It plugs into the wall for power and connects to the router via an ethernet cable. The other adapter is located by your AV equipment. Again, it connects to power and then to your equipment using an ethernet cable. If you want to hook up more than one device, you can either purchase a powerline kit with a built-in switch, or add one yourself.

With the Wireless Range Extender, these nifty devices grab an existing wireless signal and boost it, or repeat it. Since they wirelessly connect to your existing network, they need to be placed in an area that already has a solid wireless signal.


PowerLine AV2 1000 Adapter Kits
PowerLine AV Adapter Kits
PowerLine AV Wi-Fi Extender Kits

At a glance

Product DHP-601AV DHP-P601AV DHP-509AV DHP-P509AV DHP-W311AV
What’s included 2 x PowerLine Adapters 2 x PowerLine Adapters 2 x PowerLine Adapters 2 x PowerLine Adapters 1 x PowerLine Aadapters

1 x PowerLine Wireless Extender
PowerLine Speed AV2 1000 AV2 1000 AV2 500 AV2 500 AV2 500
Interface Speed
(1000 Mbps)
(1000 Mbps)
Fast Ethernet
(500 Mbps)
Fast Ethernet
(500 Mbps)
Fast Ethernet
(500 Mbps)
No Yes No Yes No
Extender Function
No No No No Yes